Tushar Shekhar

I can’t thank enough Hesham Farid for working so diligently and efficiently to arrange financing to close the property purchase transaction. I found him very responsive and clearly understanding my requirements. Very happy with his approach and hence requested him to work on the next financing project. I am confident that the experience in closing this transaction will also be very satisfying.

Gabriel Nesmerak

Financial needs? Mortgage Needs? Friendly and professional help and advice? This is Mortgage Capital Investment! Meet Radu and his team and your needs are fulfilled and best options provided in confidence!

Frank Vismeg

As the Managing Director of the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel I have contacted Mr. Radu Arvatescu in January 2014, to discuss how to arrange financing for the new Courtyard Marriott Hotel – Burlington, Ontario. We are excited to have recently celebrated in a ground-breaking ceremony, and we are very grateful for Radu’s company CENTUM Total Mortgage Services for bringing our partner with financing. His professionalism and dedication to our goals made this dream become a reality. We are proud that he is regularly awarded in his industry, and can now say from personal experience that he really is one of the best! Wishing Radu a continuous success:

Raul Rusu

Radu helped me twice with my mortgage and refinancing needs. He helped friends of mine as well. He is very direct, very fast and with him you always know where you are. With him there is are no needless negotiations or unclear terms. He will be very clear in explaining what to expect, what you need to do but he will also guide you through all required steps, if need be. Radu is the kind of high-level integrity professional you need on your side while navigating the recently stirred waters of mortgage (re)financing. 

Danish Ahmad

I have had the privilege of working with Radu on multiple occasion and different capacities. He is one person who understands and acknowledges good service and is not looking to cut corners for some nominal savings and understands that there is cost to a valued service. He is also someone who always tries to identify what is best for his clients – never shying away to use other partners if it will help the client. He continuously keeps the best interest of his customers in mind and in my joint interactions with him, the trust that his clients have for him is clearly visible. Overall Radu is a great partner to work with as he treats everyone with respect and has a strong sense of professional integrity for himself and his work. It’s always a pleasure working with him.

Mihai-Daniel Cotop

I know Radu since a few months ago. Last month I had the opportunity to get in touch on a professional field as well. The problematic issue I faced him with was complex and needed expertise from multiple domains – accounting, banking and finance. I must say that I was amazed by Radu’s approach, from a professional point of view but also from a client relationship side. He has taken the challenge not only of resolving my need in a very efficient matter, but also the one of the cost of resources involved, and all were handled in an optimum way. Besides, my previous stress has been turned into a long-standing confidence respective to the institution he is leading.  I regret not having the chance working with him since the first moments I began my investments journey here in the GTA. I warmly recommend my specialist in mortgages as well as my friend Radu Arvatescu, to anybody needing to get a perfect service!

Michael Wolfer

I would like to recommend Radu whom I have known for several years. I have sat in on meetings with Radu & his clients. He is always very professional & thorough putting the interests of the clients at the forefront while ensuring all the information presented in an orderly manner for a lender. I would highly recommend Radu.

Frank Vrdoljak

I have known Radu professionally for several years now and have found him to always be available, and to work incredibly hard for his clients with complete professionalism and class.