Benefits of Using a Mortgage Broker in Ontario vs a Bank

By : Radu Arvatescu

Buying or refinancing an existing home is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. Finding the right loan is essential. With a competitive mortgage, you can enjoy lower rates to keep things affordable.

Unfortunately, working directly with a bank or major lender won’t always result in a package that suits your needs.When you’re shopping for a mortgage, it’s important to consider mortgage brokers vs banks the pros and cons.

Banks come to mind first. After all, they spend millions on their marketing budgets and they establish long working relationships with their clients. Even if you’ve loved and trusted your bank for years or decades, you will find that a broker can offer a more personalized service with a better outcome. If you have some blemishes on your record, the best mortgage broker for bad credit will find a mortgage that is far more affordable than what you would get through your current bank or any of the other major lenders.

Before you commit to a mortgage broker or bank, you’ll need to learn about the benefits and even the downsides of each option. The following information will help you to make the best decision for your unique needs.


Why Use a Mortgage Broker Ontario vs a Bank?

Whether looking for a residential or commercial mortgage broker, there are several advantages to be enjoyed when you avoid the big banks. With a broker, you will have a personalized service where none of your needs are left behind. Rather than working towards arbitrary targets, a mortgage broker will look at your personal and financial situation, to find a mortgage package that is tailored to you.

Finding a mortgage doesn’t have to be stressful or overly time-consuming. Consider the benefits of a mortgage broker vs bank in Canada, and see how your new mortgage or refinancing could be much easier than you thought.

When you work with a residential or commercial mortgage broker, you’ll find that the process is easier and more convenient than visiting banks and individual lenders. Brokers have more flexible hours and can work with you outside of standard business hours and even on weekends. This is in stark contrast to a bank or major lender, where you will have to adjust your schedule to meet their operating hours.

One of the key differences between a mortgage broker vs bank in Canada is the wide availability of different loan packages that will be available to you. Banks often have rigid mortgage structures where you will only have one or two options for the loan that you need. The best mortgage broker for bad credit and other scenarios will provide several different options from a large network of lenders. Freedom of choice allows you to make the best decision for your situation.

When choosing a mortgage broker vs bank in Canada, you will receive expert financial advice that helps to clarify the entire lending process. Your broker will discuss the complexities of different loan types and structures. This is often left out of the consultation process when working with a bank. A bank offers information to minimum industry standards, while a broker dives much deeper. Brokers also offer the benefit of experience. Your broker has worked with clients just like you, and they have insights into the mortgages and loan structures that work best. If you want real advice that will help you to make sense of your finances, a broker is the best choice.

The best mortgage broker for bad credit will also protect you from negative marks on your report. Applying for loans at numerous banks will reflect poorly on your credit report. A broker will take you through a pre-qualification process using specialized software. You will know which loans and lenders are likely to accept your application, so when you begin the formal process, you’llbe confident of success.

Whether you’re looking for the best mortgage broker for bad credit, or simply want more choice and a loan that is more affordable over its lifetime, a broker is the best option. The freedom of choice, expert advice, and ongoing consultation will make things faster and easier. We strive to provide the best mortgage advice and loans that meet the needs of every client.

When considering a mortgage broker vs bank in Canada, the best choice is obvious. Talk to us today to get started on your mortgage application and enjoy all of the benefits that experienced brokers can provide.

What Makes a Good Mortgage Broker?

A mortgage broker Ontario is one of the most valuable financial professionals that you will work with in your lifetime. At our practice, we strive to provide services that are transparent, convenient, and focused on the needs of every client. We want you to find the best possible mortgage that is affordable with terms that you’re happy with.

If you’ve been thinking about the upsides and downsides of a mortgage broker or bank, these points will help you to make the right decision for your unique needs.

The following signs indicate that you’ve found the best mortgage broker for bad credit or any other scenario.

  • AMortgage Broker Ontario Provides Information Upfront: Transparency is key to building trust in any industry. When it comes to new mortgages and refinancing, a good mortgage broker will break down their range of services, their working style, and their disputes-resolution process. Your broker will develop rapport and will be available to answer any questions that you might have. You should feel comfortable throughout the process. Our brokers go to great lengths to ensure that you are always informed.
  • Memberships and Affiliations: The best bad credit mortgage brokers, firsttime homebuyer brokers, and commercial mortgage brokers are often members of industry groups and professional networks. Your broker will tell you about the groups that they are involved in, any professional affiliations that they have, and the lenders that they work with. A strong network of financial professionals can inspire confidence.
  • Signs That the Broker Understands Your Needs: One of the first things you will notice when comparing a mortgage broker or bank is that the broker is more directly focused on your needs. Banks work with numbers and they design their services to give them the best possible return with protection for their interests. Brokers are obviously running businesses too, but they are more needs-focused than the large financial corporations. A good broker will constantly work to understand your requirements and build a mutual consensus surrounding your goals. You’ll appreciate the personal touch that a broker brings to the exploration and signing process.
  • Positive Testimonials: The best brokers won’t be afraid to tell you about their previous work and achievements. They will offer customer testimonials, feedback, and other information that helps to build confidence. When you work with a residential or commercial mortgage broker, you need to have confidence knowing that they have the skills to find an affordable mortgage that suits your needs and long-term goals. Testimonials can help to build trust right from the beginning of the process.

In addition to these points, it’s important to choose a broker that treats you with respect. Your requests should be accommodated, and any uncertainties should be cleared up quickly and with all of the additional information that you need. A great broker will be flexible with their time because they know that your own time is equally important.

When it comes to choosing between a mortgage broker or bank, it’s the personal touch that you’ll notice first. When you work with us for your next mortgage, you won’t feel like just another customer. Our service is personal, needs-focused, and designed to provide results that exceed your expectations.

Comparing Mortgage Broker Rates – The Cost of a Mortgage Broker

Comparing rates is one of the most important things to do when choosing a reliable mortgage broker Ontario.
Mortgage broker rates vary depending on the lender and the length of the mortgage. It’s critical to remember that brokers aren’t lenders, so there are a couple of things to consider as you compare mortgage broker rates…

  • A residential or commercial mortgage broker has access to a vast network of mortgage providers, and they will actively work to find the lowest possible rate for the mortgage that suits you best. Your deposit, whether you are refinancing or signing for a new mortgage, and your credit rating will all affect mortgage broker rates.
  • The mortgage broker fees will also be included in the package. This usually ranges between 1% and 2% and will be discussed upfront before you move ahead with the exploration of available mortgages. Depending on the structure of the mortgage contract, the mortgage broker fees may be paid by you, the borrower, or, it could be included in the mortgage, and is paid by the lender.

You have legal protections when it comes to professional mortgage broker fees and mortgage broker rates. Brokers are required to discuss all mortgage broker fees upfront. Services will be itemized, so you can see exactly what you’re paying for. While up to 2% of the loan amount might seem like a lot of money, this is offset by more affordable mortgage rates and the reduction in time and stress that it takes to secure a mortgage.

Choosing a mortgage broker vs bank in Canada will result in a more affordable mortgage. Rather than having to visit numerous banks and lenders, you will be able to compare all of your options with a single point of contact. This saves you both time and money because you’ll be able to quickly see the most affordable rates, often with lenders that you wouldn’t have access to when going through the process alone.

Ultimately, many first time buyers and people who are refinancing find that the mortgage broker fees are a fair price to pay for a more convenient and affordable mortgage.

Quick Reference: Mortgage Brokers vs Banks the Pros and Cons

We’re confident that our brokerage team will help you to find the most affordable home loan that suits your unique financial situation and your long-term goals. If you need a bad credit mortgage broker, a refinancing mortgage broker vs bank, or even just advice as you get started, we are ready to help.

We’ve created this simple reference guide so that you can quickly compare mortgage brokers vs banks the pros and cons.

The Pros of Choosing a Mortgage Broker:

  • The best mortgage brokers, including bad credit mortgage brokers, offer a one-stop solution. You will be able to compare all suitable loans through a single point of contact.
  • When comparing new loans or refinancing mortgage broker vs bank you will find that the rates are more affordable with a broker.
  • Brokers are more likely to find mortgages if you are self employed or have a less than perfect credit history.Bad credit mortgage brokers specialize in finding loans for people who banks won’t work with.
  • If your current mortgage is unaffordable or if you want to take advantage of better rates, a refinancing mortgage broker vs bank will provide options.
  • Brokers have access to lenders that don’t engage directly with the public. You will find loans that you wouldn’t be exposed to when going through banks or performing your own research.

The Cons of Choosing a Mortgage Broker:

  • Some of the smaller and unconventional lenders that brokers work with are not as heavily regulated as banks.
  • You’ll need to pay a brokerage fee (this is often included in the loan).
  • You may have to provide financial documents that a bank wouldn’t need.

The Pros of Choosing a Bank for Your Mortgage:

  • If you’ve belonged to the same bank for many years, you’ve probably already built a working relationship with your branch and the people there.
  • Your bank will have a wide understanding of your finances.
  • Banks are larger and more stable than smaller lenders. This creates stability and inspires confidence.
  • The approval process may be faster and more efficient because the bank already understands your financial situation.

The Cons of Choosing a Bank for Your Mortgage:

  • Banks will only offer a few mortgage packages which limit your choice.
  • Bank rates are often higher than those found through brokers, especially when compared to bad credit mortgage brokers.
  • Bank loan officers might lack some of the specialist knowledge of a mortgage broker. Their advice will be accurate but limited in scope.
  • You may have to visit several banks to find a mortgage that suits your needs. Applying with several banks could damage your credit score.

With a clear understanding of mortgage brokers vs banks the pros and cons, you’ll find it much easier to make a decision that helps you to meet your goals.

Choosing a Mortgage Broker or Bank is a Matter of Convenience

Finding the right mortgage can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be when you work with a broker. For new loans or refinancing mortgage broker vs bank, there is no competition. A broker offers a more convenient solution that is focused on your needs and fully customized for your financial situation.

For most home buyers, the biggest challenges are gathering the downpayment and then securing a mortgage. Considering mortgage brokers vs banks the pros and cons, you can now see that the second challenge is more easily overcome with a broker.

A broker doesn’t have to deal with the same arbitrary restrictions as bank staff and will have the freedom to explore the lender market to find the perfect solution for you. Whether you have bad credit, are buying an unconventional property, or even if you are self-employed, a broker canfind a competitive loan.

It’s a matter of convenience. Do you want to visit numerous banks and large lenders to find your home loan? Or, do you want to work with a single financial professional that can give you ongoing support, while preparing a list of mortgages to compare? If you’re interested in saving time and money, a broker is the obvious choice.

Work With the Best Mortgage Broker in Ontario

You’ve learned the benefits of working with a mortgage broker. You know the details when comparing a refinancing mortgage broker vs bank. You now understand how a broker can help even the borrowers who have bad credit.

You’re ready to invest in a home or refinance the one that you have. Our Ontario mortgage brokers are standing by to help you meet your goals.

Find an affordable mortgage and enjoy the freedom of choice that only a broker can offer. Contact us now to begin the consultation process and find the best home loan that is tailored to your unique requirements.

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