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If you are in the market to refinance resort mortgages in Ontario, or if you are thinking about purchasing a resort business, you can gain insights from the valuation and appraisal process.

Resorts are like many special use properties in the way that value is not strictly tied to the land or buildings, but rather to the financial returns that the business can generate.

  • If you are planning to refinance, a business valuation will be used as a key indicator of your creditworthiness.
  • If you are planning to purchase an operating resort, the valuation will be used to determine whether you could service a mortgage from income generated.

Understanding valuation and appraisals can help you to make better business decisions while giving you a glimpse into the resort mortgages in Ontario approval process.

What Are the Most Important Figures Used in the Valuation Process?

Valuation considers standard data like property value and physical assets. It also looks at hard financial data like income and earnings.

  • Adjusted Net Income: This is an important measure of profit that indicates how much a business would be worth to a new owner. It’s more important than revenue because it considers earnings while factoring in operational difficulties and expenses that can come from a change of ownership. This figure is important if you are considering buying an operational resort. It gives an accurate representation of the total potential income.
  • EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) – This is one of the most important measures of profitability used in finance. It is often considered the ‘real’ profitability of a business. This figure will become relevant in valuation if you are seeking to refinance resort mortgages in Ontario. It is directly tied to the current business operator, which makes it an indication of how well you are managing your business.

Your Business Competency is Important

Let’s say that you want to purchase a hospitality business using resort mortgages in Ontario. An appraiser would look beyond the valuation to determine your potential as an operator.

For example, if you had no business experience and wanted to purchase a successful resort, you would find it virtually impossible to get an offer from a lender. This is why mortgage applications require business plans that outline your own experience as well as any other partners and executives that will join your management team.

Operator potential also matters in refinancing. If you own a resort and your EBITDA has been trending downwards year over year, you would need to provide a reasonable explanation to the lender. It could be related to the condition of the resort, leading to you seeking a loan for renovation. If you don’t have an explanation, the lender might conclude that you were failing to realize the potential of the property.

Risk Assessment is Key to Resort Mortgages in Ontario

With the examples and figures provided, it should be clear that an appraiser’s key role is in evaluating risk. Because the value of a resort is tied to the functioning business rather than the real estate, the financials and competency of the operator are critical considerations.

Of course, there’s more that goes into a mortgage application, so consulting with an expert is always recommended.

If you believe you’re in a good position for refinancing, or if you are ready to invest in a resort property and business, a mortgage broker can help you to build your application, collect documentation, and shop for the best packages.

With the help of a broker, you’ll get access to better interest rates, fees, and terms. Your broker will act as a personal mortgage consultant throughout the process, making things faster and easier without unnecessary stress.

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