Mihai-Daniel Cotop

I know Radu since a few months ago. Last month I had the opportunity to get in touch on a professional field as well. The problematic issue I faced him with was complex and needed expertise from multiple domains – accounting, banking and finance. I must say that I was amazed by Radu’s approach, from a professional point of view but also from a client relationship side. He has taken the challenge not only of resolving my need in a very efficient matter, but also the one of the cost of resources involved, and all were handled in an optimum way. Besides, my previous stress has been turned into a long-standing confidence respective to the institution he is leading.  I regret not having the chance working with him since the first moments I began my investments journey here in the GTA. I warmly recommend my specialist in mortgages as well as my friend Radu Arvatescu, to anybody needing to get a perfect service!