Radu Arvatescu - Principal Mortgage Broker/President

– Ontario Mortgage Broker – Residential-Commercial-Private Investment

Markets Served: Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Brampton, GTA and across Ontario

Radu Arvatescu is an independently-trained professional, licensed to represent and provide expert advice for all your mortgage and financing needs. As the Principal Broker at Mortgage Capital Investment, Radu specializes in sourcing funding for mortgage financing, leveraging his extensive experience and network to secure the best and most affordable options available. His unique approach involves negotiating simultaneously with multiple lenders to tailor the ideal solution for each client.

Radu Arvatescu understands the complexity of the mortgage system and possesses the industry knowledge necessary to craft successful financing proposals. His dedication to excellent client service ensures satisfaction, leading to numerous referrals and repeat business, underscoring his reputation as a trusted advisor in the field .For additional reviews and client testimonials about Radu’s mortgage services, please visit:https://mortgagecapitalinvestment.com/testimonials/

As an independent broker, Radu Arvatescu is not constrained by the offerings of any single lending institution. This flexibility allows him to provide a full spectrum of mortgage products tailored to your specific needs. Working closely with you, Radu coordinates efforts with your lender, real estate agent, lawyer, appraiser, and home inspector to streamline your financial transaction seamlessly.

In most cases, there is no cost to utilize Radu Arvatescu’s services; fees are typically covered by the bank or lending institution, making his expertise a cost-effective advantage for clients. In today’s complex mortgage market, Radu ensures clients benefit from the most up-to-date information and the negotiating prowess of one of Canada’s leading mortgage brokerages.

Navigating the myriad options available in today’s mortgage landscape can be daunting. Having Radu Arvatescu on your side simplifies the process, ensuring you secure the right mortgage at the best rate possible. His commitment to delivering results-driven outcomes makes him a valuable partner in your financial journey.

Contact Radu Arvatescu today to discover how the team from Mortgage Capital Investment can assist you in achieving your mortgage goals. With Radu’s expertise and dedication, your financial future is in capable hands.

Contact Information: Cell: 416-877-7439  Main:289-800-4048 Email:radu@mcinvest.ca

Website: https://mortgagecapitalinvestment.com/

Tel: 289-800-4840   

Cell:416-877-7438 416-877-7438

Email: radu@mcinvest.ca

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Updated: July 07 , 2024

* Current promotion rates may provide an additional 0.05% discount or may be anytime discontinued at the Lender discretion.Some condition may apply.Rates may vary between geographic regions and the posted rates on this website may not be available in your area.TD Bank rate used for comparable are the rate listed in the Broker Chanel Portal by TD Canada Bank at the date above. Please contact our MCI office for more details and current promotions.

 Current promotion rates may provide an additional 0.10% discount. Rates may vary between geographic regions and the posted rates on this website may not be available in your area. Please contact our MCI office for more details and current promotions.

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