Mits Kantaria, BA (Hons.)

– Ontario Mortgage Agent – Commercial and Residential

Mits Kantaria, BA (Hons.)

Ontario Mortgage Agent – Residential and Commercial Mortgages

Mits serves mortgages in Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto and the GTA, Milton, Burlington, Hamilton, Waterloo, Guelph, London, Niagara and across Ontario.

I am Mits Kantaria, a licensed Canadian Mortgage Agent committed to simplifying the process for purchasing commercial and residential property. Through education, experience, and success, I have developed strategies that can help you to buy your first home, an investment property, or commercial property. I provide support throughout the buying process whether it’s a first mortgage, refinancing, or helping low-income or poor-credit buyers realize their dreams. Trust an experienced local licensed Mortgage Professional and enjoy the benefits of my success-focused approach today.

As a licensed Canadian Mortgage Agent, Mits has built his reputation as a passionate and dedicated Mortgage Professional offering superior customer service with the most favorable outcomes for borrowers.

If you’re looking to buy your first home as a resident, a newcomer to Canada or a foreign investor looking to build a portfolio, or looking to refinance, or get into a position where your dream of homeownership becomes a reality, Mits has the experience and drive to ensure your goals are met. As an experienced Mortgage Agent, Mits also helps commercial borrowers to secure mortgages that suit their finances and long-term strategies.

Mits has a proven record of success and is an eminent resource within his industry. He is respected by Lenders for his ability to provide consulting for product enhancement and innovation. His unwavering ethical base and professionalism allow him to connect with clients genuinely and transparently. His reputation is reinforced by the relationships he has forged throughout the industry and with countless happy home and property buyers.

A mortgage is more than just a financial tool to make a purchase. It should be leveraged in every way possible to create long-term financial success. Mits is committed to supporting Entrepreneurs and Local Businesses. Beyond his highly successful Digital Marketing Agency, he has consulted with successful businesses and homeowners to finance their investments and make the most from their mortgages. The benefits aren’t just immediate – they provide returns for years to come.

With a keen knowledge of the most competitive mortgage products in the marketplace, Mits provides results that translate to real savings. Eliminating thousands of dollars over the term of a mortgage increases affordability and creates wealth.

Mits has worked closely with leaders in a vast range of industries and his business knowledge allows a unique perspective for commercial mortgages. His lasting relationships with lenders throughout Canada allow him to secure the best offers for commercial and residential clients.

The financials matter but time is another concern for many buyers. Mits works tirelessly to process every mortgage quickly and efficiently without compromising the financial or practical goals of his clients. Ethical strategies create opportunities for buyers that have difficulty qualifying. Mits finds pathways to mortgages and helps clients to financially restructure so that they’re ready for approval. He works with clients who have problems proving their income or financial circumstances. Poor credit histories can be overcome. Mits helps to optimize credit scores, supports clients as they build down payments, and provides options for co-signer strategies. Mits can help plan second mortgage strategies for investments or financial restructuring/consolidation.

Dedicated to Your Needs

As a professional Mortgage Consultant, Mits is prepared to meet the most challenging cases. Finding competitive rates and the most flexible lending options are his specialty. Mits is a mortgage solutions specialist that remains focused on your needs.

With strong relationships with more than 50 lenders, including mainstream banks, credit unions, insurers, trusts, and non-conventional local and national lenders, he can secure the best mortgage with the term, features, and rates that you need.

Mits is ready to begin consulting when you are…

  • Looking to repair your credit so you can qualify for your mortgage.
  • Want to refinance to reduce interest and improve your cash flow.
  • Want better options for a mortgage renewal.
  • Considering a renovation or remodeling project and need help financing.
  • Are investing in property portfolios for income.
  • Are looking to purchase a commercial property.
  • Want to purchase your first home, a move-up home, a downsize home, or a vacation home.
  • Are a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, newcomer to Canada or Foreign Investor

Whether you’re new to Canada, a lifelong local, or looking to invest, Mits is here. From a successful business developed entirely through satisfied customers and referrals, you can have confidence in the best mortgage experience possible.

Enjoy the Benefits of Working with Mits

Mits is friendly, professional, approachable, and always focused.

  • Connect to countless mortgage lenders for more options.
  • Save thousands over the term of a mortgage.
  • Get faster response times, communication, and a simplified process.
  • Enjoy personal customer service from an ethical professional.
  • Secure special financing options no matter your scenario.

A mortgage is an opportunity to secure your financial future and build wealth. With Mits, you can save countless hours and thousands of dollars. If you’re relocating for your career, buying for the first time, investing, or anything else, call Mits Kantaria for your free consultation. Your consultation is free, confidential, and with no obligation. It’s time to make your dream of homeownership a reality!

Tel: 905-965-6869   


Lowest Residential Mortgage Rates in Canada*

Term OUR RATE TD Bank Rate
3 Year Fixed/ 25 yrs 5.99% 6.51%
3 Year Variable/ 25 yrs 6.20% Promo 6.70%
4 Year Fixed/25 yrs 5.54% Promo 6.29%
5 Year Fixed/ 25 yrs 5.54% Promo 6.14%
5 Year Variable/ 25 yrs 6.20% Promo 6.90%
5 Year Fixed/ 30 yrs 6.05% Promo 6.24%
5 Year Variable/30 yr 6.70% 7.05%
4 Year Fixed/30yr 6.34% Promo 6.39%
3 Year Fixed/30yr 6.24% Promo 6.61%
**NEW RENTAL 5 Year Fixed /30yr 6.15% Promo 6.29%
** NEW RENTAL 3 Year Fixed /30yr 6.34% Promo 6.66%

Updated: Aug 23 , 2023

* Current promotion rates may provide an additional 0.05% discount or may be anytime discontinued at the Lender discretion . Rates may vary between geographic regions and the posted rates on this website may not be available in your area.TD Bank rate used for comparable are the rate listed by TD Canada Bank in the Broker Chanel Portal at the date above. Please contact our MCI office for more details and current promotions.

 Current promotion rates may provide an additional 0.10% discount. Rates may vary between geographic regions and the posted rates on this website may not be available in your area. Please contact our MCI office for more details and current promotions.

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