By : Radu Arvatescu

While golf courses aren’t investments that come up every day, they can be rare and exciting finds on the real estate market, especially if you are looking for something different.

Many golf courses are profitable. They attract high membership fees and revenue can be maximized through an onsite clubhouse and restaurant, retail outlets, or even an attached hotel or resort.

There are few other investments that carry the prestige of a golf course. However, that prestige should not overshadow your perception of risk. Due diligence matters a lot on golf course investments.

Before you apply for golf course mortgages in Ontario, use the following points to help guide your decision.

Location is Key to Future Success

While the larger golf industry is in decline, there are still high potential investments to be found. In fact, the decline that started in 2008 could result in better deals on undervalued courses that could be purchased, improved and operated, or sold for a profit.

To increase the likelihood of this happening, you’ll need to invest in the right location. The golf course construction boom of the 1980s led to the development of master-planned communities around perfectly manicured courses. Sadly, many of those same golf courses are now lost within residential sprawl, which has gradually eroded their popularity.

People who frequent golf courses today want idyllic locations, so you should avoid anything with too much of a suburban feel.

Of course, there are always exceptions. In this case, it comes down to patronage.

How Much Business is the Course Receiving?

Location worries can be eliminated if the course you are considering has strong patronage with paying members and casual visitors. A strong local golfing community, prestige and history, or even something as simple as effective marketing could keep a course profitable even if it isn’t in the best location.

The only problem is determining whether you can maintain current performance and build upon it. You’ll need to see membership data and financial data from at least the previous three years. If the agent handling the sale can’t provide this information, then it’s likely that they don’t want you to see it. That should be an instant red flag.

Is there an Opportunity for Expansion and Diversification?

Maybe you see a golf course as just one part of your plan for a complete high-end resort experience. Golf course mortgages in Ontario could be used to take advantage of a great deal, from which you can build upon later.

It’s worth investing in a consultation with a resort and hotel planner before you commit to a mortgage. They’ll be able to determine the feasibility of converting a golf course property into something more flexible and suited to consumer tastes.

Even if you retain the course, you could add value to other hospitality facilities on site.

Golf Course Mortgages in Ontario are Unique in the Market

Finally, you’ll need to consider how golf course mortgages in Ontario are very different from standard commercial mortgages.

Depending on the amount of business the course generates, the true value could be in the income potential, rather than the land itself. If you present a strong business proposal to lenders, then you could find favourable rates that make a mortgage affordable.

Golf courses can have multiple revenue streams and your ability to identify and leverage that data in your application could make all the difference in the offers you receive.

If you want to get the best rates, lowest fees, and ideal terms, a mortgage broker will be invaluable. Shopping through a broker saves time, money, and professional consulting services can help you to make the right decision on any real estate investment.

Golf courses might not be as popular as they once were, but there’s still opportunity in the market. When you find an investment that suits your skills and business goals, a broker can help secure the golf course mortgages in Ontario that make it all happen.

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