Church Mortgages

Expanding a ministry through property investment or expansion can be difficult. Even with the right funding in place, traditional lenders can struggle to understand church finances and income potential. With a perception of risk, major banks and credit unions can attach unreasonable rates and terms to church mortgages.

MORTGAGE CAPITAL INVESTMENT (MCI) is different. As a licensed mortgage broker, we work to obtain the best terms and rates based on your income, the type of mortgage you are looking for, and your existing assets. We can work with you to develop a church business plan that will appeal to non-conventional lenders. A high loan to value ratio means you can secure a mortgage with a lower down payment.

Let us work on your behalf to make your expansion a reality. Contact us for church mortgages for:

  • Refinancing.
  • New development.
  • New property purchases.
  • Extension of your current property.
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